We're restructuring the website to make the selection process more straight-forward for our customers. It's important to remember that just because one LED looks like another that doesn't mean that they are the same - without the case badges most computers look the same too, but it's the quality of the components inside that sets them apart.

This week, we're breaking down our GU10 range into three simple choices:


What one of our customers says:

I use the SMD range in my kitchen ceiling, I have quattros in spots around most of the rest of the house, but I use the new dLux in my living room, mainly because it dims right down and is really warm. The new quattro dims really well too, but my wife prefers the dLux.

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LED Spotlights

Main voltage LED GU10 and low voltage LED MR16 spotlights are suitable replacements for their halogen counterparts saving up to 90% of electricity with an lifetime of up to 50.000 hours.

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LED Strip Lighting

Ideal for decorative purposes with different colour choices and direct and indirect illumination of architectural features like coves, kitchen units and stair case. Flexible in application.

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LED Candles and Globes

Replace your incandescent light bulbs with LED candles lights and LED globes. Take advantage of lower energy cost and longer live time and yet get the same ambient light you are used to.

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LED GU10 (240V)LED MR16 (12V)Small Edision Cap
 BC22 CapLED Strips G4 Socket

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